• Workplace Health Programs Boost Your Company’s Bottom Line

    Workplace Health Programs Boost Your Company’s Bottom Line

    Workplace health is a huge concern for many corporations, as studies have shown that when employees are offered formal fitness programs at work, employers are able to significantly cut costs. Promoting wellness in the workplace is a preventative measure to avoid injuries and illness. As a result, employees are less likely to take sick days, they’ll have more energy, and thus be more productive. Additionally, general wellness can boost the overall office morale, because physical activity produces endorphins, a chemical in the brain that makes people feel good. Physical Solutions Fitness provides in-house employee programs to companies of all sizes, customized to suit their specific needs. Our corporate fitness programs give your employees an opportunity to get healthy while having fun.

    Improving Employee Waist Lines Benefits Your Company’s Bottom Line

    The Centers for Disease Control found that 70% of all illnesses are due to lifestyle-related causes, such as obesity and physical inactivity. Think about this statistic in terms of your employees—that’s an alarming perspective to take on it when you’re running a business. Obesity is plaguing Americans nationwide, and companies like yours are feeling the pain in the decrease of productivity due to an increase in employee sick time, and in the increase of employee healthcare costs. By initiating a workplace health program, corporations have benefited from:

    • An average of 26% reduction in the use of employee healthcare benefits
    • An average of 28% reduction in absence due to sickness
    • An average of 30% reduced worker’s compensation claims and disability management
      (Source: The American Journal of Health Promotion, 2013)


    Finding the Physical Solutions Fitness Program That’s Right for Your Company

    Our staff is highly trained to equip your employees with the knowledge and skills that they need to improve their health and live better. We offer a wide variety of services through our workplace health programs, including:

    • Group Classes: Fitness Boot Camp, Yoga, and Pilates. These classes encompass all aspects of wellness; they work to increase flexibility and muscle tone, simultaneously decreasing stress.
    • Nutritional Counseling: Our knowledgeable staff will teach your employees about well-balanced diets and how they impact one’s overall health.
    • Personal Training: These sessions will teach your employees safe and effective exercises, and will also teach them about training intensity, frequency, and progression to maximize results and minimize injuries.
    • Seminars: We offer seminars on a wide variety of topics, some of which include lifestyle management, injury avoidance, nutrition, and ergonomics.
    • Injury Management: Our workplace health programs provide easy access to physical therapists, and prompt referrals to specialists when necessary.

    Physical Solutions is owned and operated by Board Certified Clinical Specialists in Orthopedic Physical Therapy, as well as Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists, offering more than 20 years of combined experience.
    To learn more about our Corporate Fitness Program and how we can meet your company’s needs, contact us by phone or email today!