Physical Solutions Physical Therapy Services


Earning Patients Confidence

Patients and physicians want results, and confidence is earned by providing treatment that leads to superior outcomes.

Knowledgeable, enthusiastic staff members

To ensure continuity of care and accurate progress assessments, patients work with the same therapy team throughout treatment.  The team is comprised of licensed physical therapists, assistants, and trainers.  Staff members are highly respected practitioners in their fields; their training and experience ranks them among the most qualified in the tri-state area. In addition to clinical concerns, they place special emphasis on clear communication with patients and respect for patients’ needs.

Top quality facilities

Technological and medical  advances have enhanced the effectiveness of rehabilitation for people of all ages. At both locations, Physical Solutions provides top of the line equipment to ensure safe and effective treatment for all patients.

Patient education

A well-rounded physical therapy program encourages patients to continue their progress after being discharged.  At Physical Solutions, each patient is given a comprehensive home exercise program, as well as an invitation to join our wellness and fitness program upon completion of therapy.

A Note About Insurance

Services at Physical Solutions are covered by most insurance and managed care plans, as well as Medicare.  If we  are “out-of-network” in a plan, we’ll work with insurers to arrange treatment that is not a financial hardship to the patient.

In order to ensure you the smoothest transition into our care you can download and fill out your Patient Registration Forms before your visit.