• Who can benefit from orthopedic physical therapy or sports medicine?

    Individuals most likely to benefit from orthopedic physical therapy or sports medicine include those suffering from general orthopedic and sports injuries and conditions, as well as those with automobile accident and work-related injuries.

  • Is physical rehabilitation only helpful following surgery?

    No. Physical rehabilitation is often the treatment of choice for the conservative management of musculoskeletal conditions for which surgery is not recommended. When surgery is necessary, physical therapy can be utilized pre-operatively and/or post-operatively, playing an integral role in improving surgical results.

  • Is physical therapy covered by insurance?

    Most major insurance plans are accepted at Physical Solutions. Our front desk staff provides assistance to those entering physical therapy. However, patients are encouraged to check with their own insurance carrier regarding specific coverage and benefits.

  • Do I need a prescription to receive physical therapy?

    No. New York State Direct Access law allows a physical therapist with three years of practical experience to treat patients without a referral. However, it is possible that treatment without a referral may not be an expense covered by the patient’s health care plan or insurer. Please inquire with our office staff for details.

  • What should I bring with me on my first rehab visit?

    You will need your insurance card, a physician’s prescription, as well as any medical records you may have regarding your condition.

  • What should I wear?

    Wear loose fitting clothes, which allow access for your physical therapy examination.

  • What should I expect on my first visit?

    The first physical therapy appointment includes an evaluation of the patient’s condition by a physical therapist. Findings are discussed and therapeutic goals are agreed upon between the therapist and the patient. Treatment may also commence during your first session.

  • Will the physical therapist be in contact with my physician?

    During the entire rehabilitation process, an open line of communication exists between the physical therapist and referring physician. To ensure continuity of care, a summary of initial evaluative findings is forwarded to the physician. The patient is periodically re-evaluated to gauge progress, and these results are also forwarded to the physician. This continuous correspondence (plus phone conversations as required) allows the physician to make an objective determination regarding the appropriateness of physical therapy, and to make additional recommendations as necessary.

  • Will I always see the same physical therapist?

    Although members of our highly trained support staff assist in all patient care, patients can be comforted by the fact that they will see the same physical therapist at every session. This physical therapist, in collaboration with the referring physician, will be in charge of all physical therapy rehabilitation.

  • What will I do when I finish physical therapy?

    Upon completion of physical therapy, the patient is advised of the most effective ways to maintain the gains achieved in rehab. This generally includes instruction in a home exercise program. The patient is also offered the option of continuing exercises through our Wellness and Fitness program.