• Take Shape for Life: Proven Weight Loss

    Take Shape for Life: Proven Weight Loss

    Physical Solutions is in full support of a superior weight loss program called “Take Shape for Life”.  This program uses the “Medifast” supplement regiment and is much more effective at helping people lose weight, and keep it off.  In comparison studies, “Medifast” has been shown to be more effective than Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, and many others.

    In comparison with 9 other do it yourself meal plans and programs, “Medifast” received an overall satisfaction score of 83 by those who used it.  Dieters who opted for Paleo, Mediterranean, and SparkPeople all reported significantly less satisfaction than those who used “Medifast”.

    As for commercial plans, such as Weight Watchers, “Medifast” was second.  Those who used, and liked, Weight Watchers gave satisfaction scores of 74 as opposed to “Medifast” which only received a score of 70.  Although there is a disparity, the level of differences were minimal.  The key point though is that of all the commercial plans listed, “Medifast” was the only one which was ranked higher in weight loss categories.  The typical number of pounds lost on the program were anywhere from 20 to 43 for men and 14 to 40 pounds for women.

    For more information on the study click here.

    As for cost effectiveness, dollar for dollar, our Take shape for life program was the best option if those who used it were looking to lose 40+ lbs.  It also was the most effective in helping people lose the most amount of weight in the shortest time span.  Average weight loss per week was 2 to 5 pounds a week.  Other points to consider with the Take Shape For Life Program are that over 20,000 doctors have recommended it and all member will receive a free health coach throughout their membership.  The most important factor to those who utilize the program – their fullness factor.  People who used The “Medifast” system were more satisfied than those who used Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, and Slim-Fast.  For more information click here.

    There are those who are advanced with their workout and diet regiments, and those who are just looking to get started.  Whether you are the seasoned fitness pro, or casual gym goer looking to get an edge, Take Shape for Life, powered by Medifast is an option you should consider for your weight loss needs.

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