• Move More This Spring!

    Move More This Spring!

    The physical and mental benefits of an active lifestyle are well known. But maybe you’re tired of the same workout routine or need a way to get motivated after an inactive winter. With the onset of spring and warmer weather, there are plenty of ways to move more and become more physically active without hitting the gym.

    Here are some different ways to take advantage of the nice weather and get moving more:

    1. Gardening

    Whether you are planting flowers, vegetables, or landscaping your yard, gardening is a great substitute for a trip to the gym. Lifting bags of soil, digging, planting, and weeding all strengthen your muscles and provide cardiovascular benefit. Gardening also has the added benefit of reducing stress and increasing your serotonin levels.

    2. Spring Cleaning

    Spring is the perfect time of year to get your household repairs done, de-clutter the garage, and deep clean the house. Twenty minutes of vacuuming is like walking 1 mile! If your spring cleaning is focused inside, remember to open your windows to get some fresh air.

    3. Walking

    Walking is an excellent low impact exercise that can be done anywhere and may be a safer option for those with joint pain, who are overweight, or just getting back into exercise. Walking has been shown to improve your overall health and well-being, prevent disease, and help with weight management. Move together! Take your dog for a walk or get the whole family involved!

    4. Cycling

    Want to switch it up from your daily walks? Cycling is another low impact aerobic exercise option that can build muscle and bone strength. The benefits of cycling carry over to balance, walking, standing, and stair climbing. If you are cycling outdoors for the first time in a while, remember to wear a helmet and follow all traffic laws!

    5. Commuting

    Use the warm weather as an opportunity to leave the car in the driveway and get to work using your own power. If walking or biking to work is not feasible, look for other opportunities to get more steps in; park farther away in the parking lot and/or take the stairs.

    Remember every minute counts toward the goal of at least 150 minutes per week of exercise. Every time you stand up and do something, you’re taking a step in the right direction.