• What is Cupping?

    What is Cupping?

    Most of us by now have heard of a therapeutic modality called “cupping”. It was recently made popular again due to its use by some of the 2016 Olympic athletes. Cupping is a traditional method used across the globe for the purpose of relieving muscle tension and improving healing. Small suction cups are placed over injured muscles to promote blood flow, tissue health and regeneration. The cups can remain in one position for several minutes, or the therapist can glide them over the skin similar to the movements of a massage.

    Cupping is a great tool that is often utilized on patients dealing with myofascial (muscle and soft tissue) restrictions, whether it is due to chronic strain, injury or post-surgery.  Both chronic and acute conditions can be treated with cupping.

    Cupping is practiced mostly by Licensed Acupuncturists as it is a well-known, and frequently employed tool under the system of East Asian Medicine (EAM) or Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Although cupping can cause temporary skin discoloration or bruising, it is a very safe modality when performed by trained professionals such as the providers at IAMT.

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