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  • October is Physical Therapy Month!

    October is Physical Therapy Month!

    This October, the American Physical Therapy Association will carry on raising awareness of physical therapy as a safe and effective alternative to opioids for treatment of chronic pain conditions through their #ChoosePT campaign. Why Physical Therapy for Pain Management? Americans continue to be prescribed and to misuse opioids at alarming rates. Doctor-prescribed opioids are appropriate

  • Noticing Poor Posture

    Noticing Poor Posture

    Rounding your shoulders and slumping doesn’t just make you look like you are slowly falling asleep, it is affecting your body in many different ways. Over time, poor posture takes a serious toll on your whole body, not just your back. In fact, it can cause a cascade of structural flaws that lead to back,

  • Staying Fit at Work

    Staying Fit at Work

    Admit it, we’ve all said that we can’t workout because we have to work too late or we can’t go after work because we want to relax and eat dinner.  So why not try to incorporate some fitness while at work? If you have a long commute try to do it more actively. Is the

  • Fall Prevention

    Fall Prevention

    Fall prevention is a very important topic, especially for older adults.  As you get older, physical changes and health conditions can make falls more likely.  Falls are one of the leading causes of injury among older adults. Still, you don’t need to live in fear that you are going to fall! Instead, consider getting ahead

  • How to Prevent Injury During Spring Cleaning

    How to Prevent Injury During Spring Cleaning

    It’s almost Spring! And when we think of Spring what do we think of???? Spring Cleaning! Before starting any activity, either inside or outside, spring or fall, you should warm up.  Consider a brisk walk to get your heart pumping and loosen up your muscles, followed by some stretching of your arms, back and legs.

  • Tips to Prevent Neck Pain

    Tips to Prevent Neck Pain

    Neck pain is a very common injury in all populations. Neck pain can be caused by soft tissue injury or tightness or joint pathology.  Muscle strain and resulting muscle spasm is often caused by an underlying neck problem, such as spinal stenosis, arthritis, or disc degeneration and can be triggered from trauma but frequently occurs

  • Do you have Spinal Stenosis???

    Do you have Spinal Stenosis???

    What is Spinal Stenosis? Spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the spinal canal, which can lead to compression of the nerves that run through that canal. Stenosis usually occurs in the low back and in the neck. Spinal stenosis is most commonly caused by degenerative changes in the spine related to osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis can cause

  • Tips for Shoveling Snow Safely

    Tips for Shoveling Snow Safely

    We all know that shoveling snow is not fun, but there is often no avoiding it.  If you do try to avoid it and let it melt, it often refreezes making it even more dangerous for you.  So here are some tips to keep you safe! First, be prepared!  Stretch gently before bundling up and

  • Stretches to do Before Getting out of Bed to Feel Great All Day

    Stretching in the morning helps to increase the blood flow to your muscles.  More blood in your muscles means more energy in the morning. Stretching also increases blood flow to your brain and sharpens your concentration in the morning. Below are some easy stretches to incorporate into your morning routine and help get your day started. Full-Body Stretch    

  • Breast Cancer and Physical Therapy

    In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we would like to share some information from the American Cancer Society and the Oncology Section of the American Physical Therapy Association on how physical therapy and exercise can be beneficial to breast cancer patients in all phases of recovery. Many breast cancer patients will undergo some type