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Latest News

  • 26SEP
    Is that pain post-exercise soreness or an injury?

    Is that pain post-exercise soreness or an injury?

    For exercise to be effective, the body must be taken out of its comfort zone by varying the intensity or duration of exercise, or trying novel activities that the individual is not used to.  Challenging yourself through exercise in this way can often be uncomfortable and it’s important to be able to recognize the difference

  • 26AUG
    Does Cupping Therapy Really Work

    Does Cupping Therapy Really Work

    If you have watched the past Rio Olympics, you may have noticed several large, circular bruises on the arms and back of gold medalist, Michael Phelps. Your initial thought may be that those bruises were caused by Phelps intense training. However, what you are actually seeing are the effects of cupping therapy, an intentional form