• Staying Fit at Work

    Staying Fit at Work

    Admit it, we’ve all said that we can’t workout because we have to work too late or we can’t go after work because we want to relax and eat dinner.  So why not try to incorporate some fitness while at work?

    If you have a long commute try to do it more actively. Is the train close to your house?  Try to walk or bike there if the weather is nice.  If you have to drive to the train or to work, park your car far away to get those extra steps on that Fitbit.

    Skip that elevator! People buy themselves machines that simulate walking up the stairs, here’s your chance to do that for free without taking a trip to the gym.

    Long lunch break?  Instead of ordering delivery, take a little walk to grab some food.  You could even mobile order your food so once you get there its ready for you and you won’t waste anytime, or you could even take a longer walk!

    Many people have desk jobs and we all know we tend to hunch over or slouch if we sit at a desk all day.  Look for an opportunity to stand up or even walk around.  If you have to ask a colleague a question, get up and ask them. If you have a phone call, walk around your office a bit to get yourself moving.

    Make the most out of the breaks you have, instead of using your breaks for water cooler talk, use the free time to exercise. Get outside your office during breaks and walk down the corridors or around the block briskly to work up a sweat.  Keep hand weights and resistance bands near your desk or in your locker and exercise with them during break time.

    Here are some exercises that will work your muscles without making you sweat:

    Sit straight with your abs engaged. Fold a resistance band in half and grip the ends in front of your chest, keeping elbows bent. Pull band and bring it closer to your chest while straightening arms. Slowly get back to starting position. Do 15 reps.

    Lift knees up in front one by one. Simultaneously, keep arms bent at the elbows and perform an up and down motion.

    Take short fitness breaks and try these quick exercises and stretches:

    Gentle yoga stretches can improve strength and flexibility, plus reduce stress.

    Sit up straight on your chair and engage your abs. Stretch your left arm across your chest, holding it with the right hand just below the elbow. Keep shoulders relaxed and breathe deeply. Hold this position for 10-30 seconds and then repeat on the other side.

    Sit on the edge of your chair with your feet flat on the floor. Twist your body from the waist up toward the right keeping your right hand behind you and the left hand on your right knee. Keep shoulders relaxed and hold for 10-30 seconds. Repeat on the other side.

    Simple body weight squats or lunges are also a quick exercise that will get your blood pumping.

    Oftentimes, you might want to get up and move around, but get absorbed in your work and forget all about being active. To prevent this from happening, set an alert on your desktop calendar or an alarm on your phone to serve as a reminder.

    You can also use an exercise ball in place of your office chair to help you improve balance and keep your core muscles engaged while you work. They also make desks that you can raise up or lower down allowing you to stand up and do you work rather than just sit down all day.

    Drink water!  It is possible to confuse thirst with hunger, so before reaching for a snack, drink a glass of water to cut down on your calorie intake and stay hydrated.

    Finding time to exercise in the mornings or working out after a long day at work is not possible for everyone. Exercising regularly cannot negate the ill effects of sitting at a desk all day. The only thing you can do to lead a healthy life is to make sure you’re active while at work.

    So get started on leading an active life as soon as you can!