• Manage Pain with Physical Therapy

    Manage Pain with Physical Therapy

    National Physical Therapy Month occurs each October. The American Physical Therapy Association uses the month to celebrate the impact of physical therapists and physical therapist assistants and to raise awareness about the risks of opioids and the safe alternative of physical therapy for long-term pain management.

    The ways physical therapists manage pain include:

    1. Exercise

    A study following 20,000 people over 11 years found that those who exercised on a regular basis experienced less pain. Among those who exercised more than 3 times per week, chronic widespread pain was 28% less common1. Physical therapists can prescribe exercise specific to your goals and needs.

    2. Manual Therapy

    Research supports a hands-on approach to treating pain. From carpal tunnel syndrometo low back pain3, this type of care can effectively reduce your pain and improve your movement. Physical therapists may use manipulation, joint and soft tissue mobilizations, as well as other strategies in your care.

    3. Education

    A large study conducted with military personnel4 demonstrated that those with back pain who received a 45 minute educational session about pain, were less likely to seek treatment than their peers who didn’t receive education about pain. Physical therapists will talk with you to make sure they understand your pain history, and help set realistic expectations about your treatment.

    4. Teamwork

    Recent studies have shown that developing a positive relationship with your physical therapist and being an active participant in your own recovery can impact your success. This is likely because physical therapists are able to directly work with you and assess how your pain responds to treatment.


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    Author: Joseph Brence, PT, DPT, FAAOMPT, COMT, DAC

    Source: https://www.choosept.com/Resources/Detail/how-physical-therapists-manage-pain