• We are Here to Help

    I hope all of our patients and fitness clients are doing as well as can be expected during these most uncertain and anxious times.  As Ed, Elena, and I continue to monitor the developments related to coronavirus (COVID-19), please understand that we will remain here for you.  Since physical therapists are designated by NYS as essential health care providers, our offices remain open to continue to help assist our patients with their rehabilitation needs (note – the gym remains closed to fitness members).

    What is Telehealth and how can this video service help those unable or unwilling to come into the clinic?

    In physical therapy, telehealth, is a safe and effective way for you to remain engaged with your physical therapist via one-on-one video chat.  While nothing can surpass the effectiveness of direct, person-to-person, in-clinic physical therapy, this video method of communication is perfect for those of you who recognize the importance and benefits of continuing with your physical therapy treatments, but who are currently unable or unwilling to come into the clinic for care.   During these one-on-one video sessions, your physical therapist can check in to see how you are doing, do visual assessments to see how you are currently moving and functioning, and then guide you through appropriate exercises that you can do in your home.  This engagement provides patients with the ideal forum to discuss progress, and troubleshoot any problems or concerns they may have.

    Remember the Importance of Continuing to Move.

    We know that this current crisis will eventually end; we’re just not sure when.  We should all plan for the long game.  Practicing social distancing is vital, but by no means does this mean that you should isolate yourself from those around you.  To cope with the stress of this current situation, it’s important that we remain engaged, in safe and appropriate ways, with the important people in our lives; our friends, family members, and of course our physical therapist.

    Staying active is important too.  Movement and exercise are good for the body and the mind, and right now we all need to take care of both.  I will reach out to everyone again this week with some strategies and ideas on how we can all continue to stay active indoors or out, in safe, socially distant ways.

    In the meantime, please reach out to me directly if you would like help setting up your first video-linked TeleHealth session.

    To all, stay well, and stay positive.  Together we get through this!