• Get in Shape for Summer Challenge!

    Get in Shape for Summer Challenge!

    As the temperature continues to rise and the weather continues to get warmer, many of us begin to consider ways in which we can improve our appearance or our overall health. Physical Solutions has decided to take this opportunity to offer our “Get in Shape for Summer Challenge” beginning this upcoming Memorial Day and extending to 4th of July!

    Our Get in Shape for Summer Challange will consist mainly of circuit training with workouts designed and supervised by a member of the Physical Solutions fitness staff. Participation in our guided program can be beneficial for anyone who is trying to become more fit in these upcoming months regardless of whether you are trying to lose weight, build muscle, increase strength, or simply improve your overall health.

    What is Circuit Training?

    Circuit training is a type of training in which multiple exercises are performed back to back. During circuit training, we perform exercises that are typically used to develop muscle strength and size, however, by performing these exercises in rapid succession without rest, we are able to increase our heart rate and increased the overall difficulty and utility of our workout. Circuit training affords us the ability to reap benefits of both anaerobic weight training and cardiovascular exercise simultaneously. We are able to perform exercises that are beneficial for muscular size, strength, and endurance all while attaining an elevated heart rate which is beneficial for weight loss and cardiovascular health.

    Our Get in Shape Challenge Costs $75 and Includes the Following:

    • 6 weeks of twice weekly circuit training workout designed and supervised by one of our Physical Solutions fitness staff members
    • Free injury Screening on the first day of the program
    • Free pre and post-program body composition assessment to measure your improvement
    • Weekly Nutrition tips to help maximize your progress
    • Free Physical Solutions T-shirt upon completion of the program
    • Grand Prizes for the top performers in categories of weight loss, attendance, and overall progress




    Wednesday May 29th 6:00pm in Mineola

     Training Sessions May 29th-July 6th

    Wednesdays 6:00pm in Mineola with Nicole Strk

    Saturdays 9:00am in Bethpage with Clara Vargas


    Please sign up by Friday May 24th, if you are interested in participating in our program:

    Email us at Fitness@PhysicalSolutionsli.com or

    Call our office at (516) 746-6350