• Backyard Workouts for Kids: Lunge Variations

    Backyard Workouts for Kids: Lunge Variations

    As part of our Backyard Workout Series, today we are demonstrating three lunge variations that you can try with your kids. These exercises will help improve their lower body and core strength and balance control. They can be done at a field, in your yard, or in your home.

    Lunge with Rotation

    Step forward into lunge position, rotate trunk over forward leg. Keep your hands together and your trunk upright.

    Lunge in Place

    Start with one knee behind you, elevated on a step or ball. Step forward with opposite leg and bend front knee to get into lunge position.

    Lunge with Knee Raise

    Start with one knee down and opposite arm in the air. Step up and bring your knee up high, return to starting position. Keep your core tight to maintain your balance.

    Check out our instructional video below and as always feel free to reach out to us with any questions!