• Analyzing Obesity in America

    Analyzing Obesity in America

    In a recent study by researchers, it was found that 18% of American deaths are linked to obesity.  Some believe this to be false, and slightly overstated.  The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation at Colombia has stated that since 1980, obesity rates have nearly doubled worldwide.  In addition to this scary fact, it has been speculated that obesity deaths will continue to grow.

    No one knows what the exact cause of obesity in America is but one thing is certain – the older you get, the more likely you are to run into complications when being obese.  Ryan Masters, Ph.D. of Colombia stated in an interview that, “Obesity is unhealthy at any age, but as obese individuals grow older, they are more likely to experience serious health complications of obesity, including premature death.”

    Although Childhood obesity was on the decline in low-income preschoolers between 2008 and 2011 in 19 of 43 states and territories studied, people are still at risk.  Research has further concluded that lifestyle, diets, and environment have all contributed to the problem of obesity in America.  The sad fact is that 1/3rd of all U.S. adults are obese.  Masters also stated that, “Generations that have been born into, raised in, and grown up through these new environmental, lifestyle, nutritional conditions are bearing the greatest brunt in terms of prevalence of high body mass and the adverse health consequences,” Further indicating that sedentary lifestyles are finally catching up to the masses.

    Other studies point to the fact that it might actually be advantageous to be overweight.  It turns out that these statements were false and that the studies performed only measured death, and not overall health.  There is one thing that is indisputable.  Whether you are overweight or not, eating healthy and exercising daily will always impact your health in a positive way.  The key is to take preventative measures so that you don’t run into health problems at a later date in time.

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