• How to Prevent Injury During Spring Cleaning

    How to Prevent Injury During Spring Cleaning

    It’s almost Spring! And when we think of Spring what do we think of???? Spring Cleaning!

    Before starting any activity, either inside or outside, spring or fall, you should warm up.  Consider a brisk walk to get your heart pumping and loosen up your muscles, followed by some stretching of your arms, back and legs.

    Here are some techniques to keep you safe and prevent spring cleaning injuries:

    1. Remember to take frequent breaks and stay hydrated as you complete your cleaning project.  Everyone thinks “Oh, I feel great! Let me do this! Let me do that!” And then thats when you injure yourself.  So be cautious!
    2. If you need to clean under the couch, get help moving it, along with any other heavy furniture.
    3. Clean the floor with a mop rather than on your hands and knees. Push the mop forward and back to clean small areas at a time, rather than leaning too far forward.
    4. If you must scrub floors by hand, kneel on a pad and don’t reach too far in any direction.  Also, dividing the floor up into a grid, and taking breaks in between each section could be helpful.
    5. Vacuuming can put a lot of strain on the neck and the spine. Keep the hose in front of your body at waist height, use both hands to push the vacuum, and walk straight across the carpet, then turn and go back. Avoid pushing and pulling in short little strokes.
    6. For bathtub cleaning, stand outside the tub with a long mop rather than sitting and leaning over the side, this will help you avoid straining to reach the opposite side of the tub.
    7. If you’re washing high windows, use a secure ladder or step stool to stay level with the window rather than stretching your back and neck upwards for long periods of time. The same can also be said for painting.
    8. Lift items such as mulch, flower pots and other heavy objects by bending your knees and lifting with your legs rather than your back. Keep items close to your body and use both hands.  Avoid twisting motions, as well.
    9. While pulling weeds, use your legs and keep abdominal muscles tightened.
    10. Spring cleaning can be great exercise. Consider it a workout instead of work!