• Don’t Let Team Building Activities and Work Events get in the way of Developing A Healthy Lifestyle

    Don’t Let Team Building Activities and Work Events get in the way of Developing A Healthy Lifestyle

    Don’t Let Team Building Activities and Work Events get in the way of Developing A Healthy Lifestyle

    In today’s workplace we see more and more companies hosting “team building events or activities.” Team building activities are very important. According to VenturePad these team building activities are helpful tools to improve focus and boost productivity. Team building activities help build relationships among staff members which in turn develops a healthier working atmosphere in the workplace. A successful business cannot be built on individual skill and ability just like one player cannot carry an entire sports team. It has been proven that the best way to build a team is to get the staff out of the everyday work setting. When employees gather outside the workplace and get away from the same everyday routine they can form bonds and develop a better understanding of each other’s strengths and abilities.

    As team building activities in the work place become more prominent so do more excuses as to why eating healthy and exercising are “impossible.” Well, nothing is impossible. As Audrey Hepburn would say “nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible!’” It is often that team building activities become lunches, dinners and/or drinks out at restaurants and bars, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Below are some tips and suggestions on team building activities that do not include stuffing our faces so we can build healthy relationships, healthy working environments as well as develop healthy lifestyles for ourselves all at the same time.

    Support a cause. Find a cause such as the American Cancer Society and raise money as a team for that cause. Then as a team create posters and a banners together outside your working hours to take with you on the day of the walk. Most organizations hold annual walks in support of the cause. Do the walk together as a team!
    Find a local group fitness class. Find a local group fitness studio where you are eligible to take classes without signing up for a membership. Get out of your comfort zone whether it is Zumba, kickboxing or a boot camp class. Find a group fitness class that is good for all skill levels. They have them all over!
    Go bowling. Find a local bowling alley and pick an evening where all of you can go bowling. Bowling is an activity that keeps you moving and gives you the opportunity to talk and get to know each other outside the workplace (in between turns, of course!)

    Picnic in the park. Even though this does include eating. Everyone can bring their own healthy lunch and you can eat and then play a pickup game in the park. It could be a company softball game or even something as simple as having a catch.

    Sign your team up for a 5k. Train together. Find a local 5k and find a weekly time that works for everyone to go for a walk/run after work. Each week set a different goal to work yourselves up to successfully completing the 5k. Make it fun and create your own team t-shirts!
    Don’t be afraid to get creative with team building activities. If the goal is to create a healthy work environment you don’t want to do this by compensating with your health!