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  • Physical Solutions Staff Participates in the “GC for a Cure” 5k

    Physical Solutions Staff Participates in the “GC for a Cure” 5k

    Recently a group of our staff members and friends of Physical Solutions participated in the GC for a Cure 5k in Garden City to help raise money for Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, the Michele White Scholarship Fund and for Ronald McDonald House of Long Island. Over the last 8

  • Fall Prevention

    Fall Prevention

    Fall prevention is a very important topic, especially for older adults.  As you get older, physical changes and health conditions can make falls more likely.  Falls are one of the leading causes of injury among older adults. Still, you don’t need to live in fear that you are going to fall! Instead, consider getting ahead

  • Baseball Injury Prevention

    Baseball Injury Prevention

    It is now officially baseball season! Today we will review ways to minimize the risk of overuse injuries that can come with a long baseball season. Overuse injuries — especially those related to the UCL and shoulder—are preventable. Some tips to keep you in the game throughout your life include: Warm up properly by stretching, running,

  • Benefits of Foam Rolling

    Benefits of Foam Rolling

    What is a Foam Roller? Foam rollers are exercise devices used for massage and fitness. While usually long and cylindrical, they come in many shapes, sizes and varying textures. When used for self-massage, they help soothe tight, sore areas, relieve tension, and speed up muscle recovery. Reasons to Foam Roll 1. Improve flexibility and increase

  • How to Prevent Injury During Spring Cleaning

    How to Prevent Injury During Spring Cleaning

    It’s almost Spring! And when we think of Spring what do we think of???? Spring Cleaning! Before starting any activity, either inside or outside, spring or fall, you should warm up.  Consider a brisk walk to get your heart pumping and loosen up your muscles, followed by some stretching of your arms, back and legs.

  • CLOSING AT 3pm

    CLOSING AT 3pm

    We will be closing both our offices today Wednesday March 7th at 3pm, due to the impending snow storm. We will be open during our regular hours on Thursday to accommodate missed appointments. If you have an appointment that you need rescheduled give our front desk a call! Stay Safe!

  • Signs you may have a Labrum Tear in your Shoulder

    Signs you may have a Labrum Tear in your Shoulder

    Anatomy Your shoulder is a ball-and-socket joint made up of three bones: your humerus, scapula, and clavicle.  The head of your upper arm bone fits into a rounded socket in your shoulder blade. This socket is called the glenoid. Surrounding the outside edge of the glenoid is a rim of strong, fibrous tissue called the

  • Tips to Prevent Neck Pain

    Tips to Prevent Neck Pain

    Neck pain is a very common injury in all populations. Neck pain can be caused by soft tissue injury or tightness or joint pathology.  Muscle strain and resulting muscle spasm is often caused by an underlying neck problem, such as spinal stenosis, arthritis, or disc degeneration and can be triggered from trauma but frequently occurs

  • ACL Injuries

    ACL Injuries

    One of the most common knee injuries is an anterior cruciate ligament sprain or tear. Athletes who participate in high demand sports like soccer, football, and basketball are more likely to injure their anterior cruciate ligaments(ACL).  If you have injured your ACL, you may require surgery to regain full function of your knee. This will

  • Ankle Sprains

    Ankle Sprains

    An ankle sprain occurs when the strong ligaments that support the ankle stretch beyond their limits and tear. Ankle sprains are common injuries that occur among people of all ages. They range from mild to severe, depending upon how much damage there is to the ligaments.  Ligaments are strong, fibrous tissues that connect bones to