• Are Your Athletes Fit Enough?

    Are Your Athletes Fit Enough?

    The number of youths participating in organized sports has never been higher, but how many of these athletes are actually physically fit enough to compete successfully?  How many are fit enough to participate in sports at a high level and still have fun? Most importantly, how many are fit enough to stay healthy and avoid unnecessary injuries?

    Do you have any athletes that make you think, “That kid is an injury waiting to happen!”?  If so, shouldn’t someone help them?  Do you have a few other extremely gifted athletes?  How certain are you that their level of fitness and preparedness for competition is balanced and maximal?

    Most coaches would agree that everyone can improve, regardless of ability.  Improving the fitness level of your team’s athletes will help to ensure a greater number of healthy players who stay on the field, competing to their full potential.

    Physical Solutions is now offering club and student athletes the opportunity to receive a sports injury functional movement screen.  The sports injury screen measures several important factors such as strength, flexibility, core stability, body alignment, and coordination.  The tests place the athlete in positions where weaknesses and imbalances become noticeable if appropriate mechanics are not utilized. If these compensations continue, then poor movement patterns will be reinforced, which may predispose an athlete to injury.

    Once these imbalances are identified, corrective measures can be taken to maximize efficiency, alignment, and body mechanics during athletic participation.  Following this screen, athletes will have the additional opportunity to participate in a corrective training regimen, which addresses the entire body through exercises selected specifically for each athlete.  The specificity and progression of such an exercise program will provide the necessary framework to enhance the athlete’s ability to dynamically stabilize and move during participate in their sport.

    Athletes of every skill level can benefit from our sports injury screen to help correct imbalances you may not even realize are there.  If you would like your athletes to benefit from this program, please contact our office today.